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Information Pretty Little Liars | Series Finale: The Liars Say Goodbye | Freeform

Title :  Pretty Little Liars | Series Finale: The Liars Say Goodbye | Freeform
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Frames Pretty Little Liars | Series Finale: The Liars Say Goodbye | Freeform

Description Pretty Little Liars | Series Finale: The Liars Say Goodbye | Freeform

Comments Pretty Little Liars | Series Finale: The Liars Say Goodbye | Freeform

Ayas Atja
Is this can explain why water and oil cant be together?
Comment from : Ayas Atja

Vincent Zhu
What a pity that is, the way to come back 2010.
Comment from : Vincent Zhu

Janise Harrison
Comment from : Janise Harrison

April Russano
Comment from : April Russano

mr robert
a sodium ion is smaller than a clorine ion
Comment from : mr robert

Solar G
Am gonna name my dog 🐕 electron.
Comment from : Solar G

Huda Channa
Why would sodium and chlorine break their electrostatic forces to bond with water
Comment from : Huda Channa

Martin Z
i approve of the dog analogy
Comment from : Martin Z

thot chocolate
mickey mouse is stealing the ions noooooooo
Comment from : thot chocolate

I thought he only teaches Mathematics but he also teaches Science
Comment from : Sackboi

Helene Rutkaus
🤣 lost me at the analogy about a dog 🐕
Comment from : Helene Rutkaus

santiago miranda
Love the way you stretch imagination to the outmost (as feynmann said), but it's time to disagree (maybe wrongly). The radius of chlorine and sodium ions doesn't make sense: sodium gets electronic configuration (EC) of neon and an extra proton, so it should be smaller than neon; chlorine EC-argon-like but substracting a proton, it should be larger. Then, as argon is bigger than neon: Cl^->Ar>Ne>Na^+. Even so, there is lot of discussion.
Comment from : santiago miranda

Puneeth Sankaraiah
How can gases have a bond>>>>
Comment from : Puneeth Sankaraiah

4:29 isn't the diagram for sodium supposed to be smaller due to the fact that it is a cation, whereas the CL should be bigger since its an anion?
Comment from : Diana

It makes so much sense! I learned more than I came for !
Comment from : laulau

Awal Amadou
"Now you hang out in their house all the time bc they have the dog you love" lolololololol
Comment from : Awal Amadou

black energy
You explain perfectly
Comment from : black energy

Fatma Hadari
so useful ...... thanks alot :D
Comment from : Fatma Hadari

Wow. Perfect help. Amazingly well told.
Comment from : nintendolegoboy

Fatima Guentrah
good vid
Comment from : Fatima Guentrah

sara v
Great vid, but one thing: Doesn't increased pressure mean increased temperature as well? So wouldn't increased pressure mean decreased solubility for gases?
Comment from : sara v

steve hope
Love this thx got test tommorow thx this helped alot
Comment from : steve hope

Wild Fame
omg I am gonna die tommorrow is my practical and i haven;t understood a single one, what a dumb mind of mine....................................#####**
Comment from : Wild Fame

Something minor here & there, but over the explanations are excellent!!!
Rafiq Alam

Comment from : MAYA ARA

Maricel Samodal
I like to make a small robots
Comment from : Maricel Samodal

Edward Haughney
Very nice presentation.  Calm voice with very good pacing.  Thank you.
Comment from : Edward Haughney

Jovana Mutabdzija
I LOVE Khan Academy, but i wish there are videos about general chemistry that are not as basic. Nothing too advanced, but lets say something like Calc or Organic Chem videos
Comment from : Jovana Mutabdzija

Ashwin Varma
hey sal,
can you please make a lecture on Fajan's laws?
thanks in advance!

Comment from : Ashwin Varma

Comment from : User

this dog explanation is on point.
Comment from : Swooosh

Joshua Dougall

I hear that word a lot when i quickscope scrubs too

Comment from : Joshua Dougall

Ken Hutson
"lemme draw some liquid water" lmao classic
Comment from : Ken Hutson

shoaib heesam
So... When you blood is warmer your blood will carry more O2 and when your blood is colder your blood will carry less O2?
Comment from : shoaib heesam

Soho Yankee
Great vid. Poor dog. LOL!
Comment from : Soho Yankee

Could you link the video for solutios please!!
Comment from : Emkay

Charles Kanakam
IT is very useful for better understanding is simple concepts in chemistry.

Comment from : Charles Kanakam

Electric ResonanZ
I miss my dog :(
Comment from : Electric ResonanZ

ASNPacuwa 24
never been this excited to learnt chemistry HAHHA
Comment from : ASNPacuwa 24

Casey Claypool
2:20 his voice in this made me so happy
Comment from : Casey Claypool

Yusuf Chowdhury
Holy fuck, this guy teachs better then my chem 30 teacher
Comment from : Yusuf Chowdhury

osama ibrahim
very good teacher, worst analogy ever LOL
Comment from : osama ibrahim

john Schwarcz
Omg that intro was incredible.
Comment from : john Schwarcz

seriously doggg?? LOL
Comment from : Nia

1:20 story of your life? xD JK Lovin the videos
Comment from : W̶̷̲̅L̶̷̲̅O̶̷̲̅ғ̶̷̲̅ᴀ̶̷̲̅ɪ̶̷̲̅ʟ̶̷̲̅s̶̷̲̅

sanyam garg
not at all logical
Comment from : sanyam garg

sanyam garg
its very bad
Comment from : sanyam garg

Awesome, really helpful!
Comment from : FareahF

Steve Marcotte
Im really enjoying my first year in college . With these courses and class on How to shspe a Big Booty is very interesting. Dont ya think? Leave your final thoughhts on the ending of 2014 Happy New Year
Comment from : Steve Marcotte

Guy Portal
In 4:25 he states that Sodium ion is bigger then Chlorine ion and that's incorrect. it's correct only for Sodium atoms and Chlorine atoms, because as an ion the element has the same electron configuration as the nearest noble gas, Sodium, atomic number 11 , nearest noble gas is Neon, atomic number 10. as we know the electron orbitals determine the atomic radius so now the Sodium ion has the radius of Neon but a bit smaller because is has more protons so it wants the electrons to be closer to the nucleus. and the same with Chlorine but that it will become to be like Argon because Chlorine is 17 and Argon is 18, but a bit bigger because it has less protons so compared to Argon, Chlorine ion wants the electrons near him less. so from all I've explained above , the Sodium is a bit bigger then Neon and Chlorine is a bit smaller then Argon so we can ignore it, so now the ratio between Sodium ion to Chlorine ion is the same ratio of Neon atom to Argon atom and argon is much bigger.
Comment from : Guy Portal

You're a better teacher than all of mine combined
Comment from : AquaticFin

Jackson Kennedy
9:05 i was legit about to comment "What about a gas?" Then he said just that... Thanks heaps!
Comment from : Jackson Kennedy

ibrahim idris
Wonderful lecture, thanks Khan academy
Comment from : ibrahim idris

Dane Mortam
Haha i laughed at the dog / electron part
Comment from : Dane Mortam

clgahs hayes
are all ionic bounds soluble ?
Comment from : clgahs hayes

Devan McGeer
Write a textbook that I will buy.
Comment from : Devan McGeer

Aaron Phillips
and these huuuuge atoms - well, relatively large atoms--


Comment from : Aaron Phillips

Jacky Padilla
Thank you, you saved my chemistry grades!!
Comment from : Jacky Padilla

Love how you make an electron into a dog and it all makes perfect sense :)
Comment from : Jeppe

Atomic/ionic radius in angstroms:
Na = 1.54
Na+ = 1.16
Cl = 0.99
Cl- = 1.67

Comment from : sSelecting

Shamik Shah
Acually, becuase the choride has an electron, it is bigger, because the net electon force of the nucleus on the electron cloud is less that the charge of the cloud. On the other hand,because positive attracts negative, the nucleus of the sodium should attract the electron cloud more, it should be smaller.
Comment from : Shamik Shah

JPS Red 25g
Learning this stuff is so awesome and interesting, but try explaining it to someone who doesn't do chemistry and they will be like wat..?
Comment from : JPS Red 25g

Sub Slim
SALute, SALvent, SALid, SALving equations, SALt, SALution
Comment from : Sub Slim

thanks one of my billon homework assignments are done :D
Comment from : StarNinja57

Vishal Cherian
Khan you please focus on the video?
Comment from : Vishal Cherian

Kevin Espinosa
Is that right? in the gas part? the more pressure the more solubility? I just Imagine in a coke.. that if it is sealed the soda or carbon dioxide is trap in the bottle.. so which mean the high pressure it get the less solubility it get.. PLEASE answer me am a little bit confuse.. thank you..
Comment from : Kevin Espinosa

to the right of the periodic table, the more electrons you have on the last layer, and the more electrons you have, the more they will be pulled towards the nucleus witch is positive, making the atom smaller
Comment from : pokemonfanrock1

Sir Soap
No he's right actually. When the sodium looses one elctron the ion that is formed has almost half the radius in fact. 2 reasons: 1. There is one less electron, so the nucleus attracts the remaining electrons more strongly. 2. One energy level has been removed, so we have a noble gas arrangement of the sodium. And for Chlorine it's vice versa. So the sodium ion becomes bigger than the chlorine ion (as the ions are formed)
Comment from : Sir Soap

Thats exactly not correct. The further right you go the more electronegative you get. The more electronegative the molecule is the closer it holds its electrons. Chlorine does have both more electrons and an additional shell, but its so electronegative that atomically it is smaller than sodium
Comment from : MrUmbrius

Ashwin Singh
just saying the Na + should be smaller than the Cl - coz the Na has no outer shell electrons so is a shell bhind the chlorine
Comment from : Ashwin Singh

Ally Gallagher
If these Videos did not exist, i would most definitely fail all my university exams ha
Comment from : Ally Gallagher

More electrons and more protons attracting each other making the element smaller. The ones on the left have a "looser grip" letting the orbital be bigger than the ones on the right.
Comment from : kylebw1

I dont understand why do the Elements get smaller to thr right of the PE Table
Comment from : METALxGODz

omali sharma
Who he writes so cleary
Comment from : omali sharma

Correction: Not the case with Na+ and Cl- ions!! Sal explains this in video number 38 in the Chemistry playlist called "Mini-Video on Ion Size".
Comment from : TheFlamebarrier

The Cl atom has a smaller radius BECAUSE it has more protons and therefore it pulls the electrons it has closer to it's nucleus. The number of electrons in this case does not matter because they both (Na and Cl) have the same number of energy shells.
Comment from : TheFlamebarrier

Boomi Alaw
I want to ask, why is Na bigger than Cl? Cl has more number of electrons revolving and more have protons in nucleus, shouldn't it be a bigger atom than Na?
Comment from : Boomi Alaw

They both have the same number of energy levels but Chlorine has more protons so it is more electronegative......I think......:-)
Comment from : TheFlamebarrier

Darth Rain
i want to be with my dog that i love so much ;D
Comment from : Darth Rain

I used to think all salts tastes salty.
Comment from : FortNikitaBullion

Nepali Stranger
So.. Solid solvent -> (NACL solid solvent example:) solubility goes up, temp. goes up. And Liquid solvent -> (Putting CO2 gas in liquid solvent- water:) solubility goes up, temp. goes down. right? What about Gas solvent?
Comment from : Nepali Stranger

FYI: Guys he's wrong about the sizes of Na+ and Cl-. He made a video about it, but basically Na+ is bigger than Cl- because when Na loses an electron to become positive, the 2nd shell is exposed and thus the atom becomes smaller.
Comment from : Dan

"He's surrounded by Waler Mocules" @ 10:45 I always laugh when you stumble man, you say some funny stuff! Thanks BTW!!!!
Comment from : bsivoljr

kai blue
Comment from : kai blue

kai blue
Comment from : kai blue

Rook denum
if non-chemically you are asking what makes salt taste salty, its that your taste buds have receptors for NaCl/ other ionic compounds(salts), not the ions themselves.
Comment from : Rook denum

Rook denum
It's both of the ions acting within the solution. Na+ and Cl- are what is dissolved in a solution, and to have a neutral charge on the original compound you need BOTH the cation and the anion together. so a salt is a combination of a cation and an anion. the ionic nature of the bond within a salt is what allows the Na+ and the Cl- to dissociate into their respective ions...
Comment from : Rook denum

And how is this relevant to my question? Maybe the smalleness of your organ can be relevant, in order to probe atomic sizes of the ions and also, i guess, for enforcing the unofficial statistics that the size of your penis is directly proportional to the size of your brain.
Comment from : novajiva

My penis is salty :)
Comment from : iibornfighter

So...what makes salt salty? Na+ or Cl-? It seems that in solution there is no NaCl but separate ions of Na and Cl.
Comment from : novajiva

Sal in an ionic compound the anion gets really big and the cation shrinks so chloride would actually be bigger than sodium. in NaCl.
Comment from : Iyas

Jennifer Lindgren
I wanna make some SOda :)
Comment from : Jennifer Lindgren

Mary Anne Portuguez
HAHAHA..i really like the way he explains it..he made it easy for us.
Comment from : Mary Anne Portuguez

Jay Patel
Thanks for it you are awsome mate
Comment from : Jay Patel

lol the dog analogy was awesome. Sal cracks me up. haha "i dont know if that was at all appropriate"
Comment from : fleshcookie

Matthew Wade Darsey
Once Bill Gates found him, this became his Full time Job. Bill gates pays him to make these for us...Awesome
Comment from : Matthew Wade Darsey

Matthew Wade Darsey
where is the Like Button, to just Like ever and any Video you Post..I mean, you Teach so well, Easy to Follow and calming...BRAVO for all Videos I have watched, and those I have yet to get to...Thank You Khan!
Comment from : Matthew Wade Darsey

12:09 Who put a 6 in my pepsi?
Comment from : maswell

I wish he would put adds on his videos, so he could have a full job by helping hundreds upon thousands of students with their work. I really appreciate this, KhanAcademy, thank you so much! ^^
Comment from : AxzenStarcraft

Lucy Baston
And does sodium loose it's outer shell, because it's given up the one electron that was there before?(:
Comment from : Lucy Baston

I want to eat your tatti, Mr. Khan.
Comment from : TeKNiQ50

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